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A strategic perspective across a breadth of HR

by Jon Ingham

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Jon presented on the need and opportunities for reward innovation at the 2019 California HR Conference in Los Angeles.  He made a debut appearance at the HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018, Singapore presenting on The Social Organization and also on the strategic organization design for the digital future of work. He spoke about HR and the future of work at Bulgaria's Annual Conference for HR and Management 2017 and on learning and development evaluation at the ATD International Conference 2016, Denver, on HR leadership at HRPA 2015 Toronto and on new HR human relationships at AHRI 2015, Melbourne.

As well as speaking, Jon is increasingly asked to chair, moderate and facilitate conferences, panels, and other sessions. In 2014 Jon Ingham chaired a new global HR conference, Art of HR, in Dubrovnik; the world's first global HR conference.


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A strategic perspective across a breadth of HR by Jon Ingham

About the training

#hr   #human resources   #human resources management   #strategic perspective

The concepts of strategic people management and strategic HR are not well understood and tend to draw quite a bit of criticism (most usually from people who do not know what the terms mean!). However, it is possible to develop people and organizational activities, together with the HR discipline that manages and delivers them, into real and significant contributors to competitive advantage (or, in the public and voluntary sectors, the potential for ongoing success and transformation). Performed well, a strategic approach to people management looks very different from more operational approaches and has very different impacts too, with HR driving, not just supporting, the rest of the business.

Strategic people management demands that the HR discipline takes onboard new skills and approaches. More importantly, still, it requires a new perspective that places people, the relationships between the people, and the way they are organized to do work, at the center of HR and the business.

This approach can be usefully supported by a few key tools and theories, particularly the organization's value chain and the value triangle. These models describe different levels of value and explains how value can be added and created. The approach also demands an understanding that there is a choice, and that people management can be performed in very different ways. Therefore, although there will always be a role for best practice, the key HR processes that will make the difference to any particular business are those which are tailored to its business strategy, the type of organization, its desired organizational capabilities and so on.

Attend this seminar to develop a more strategic approach to your own, and your HR department’s broader activities. Learn about the different opportunities that exist within people and organization strategy and reflect on which of these options will best suit your particular organization.

Learning outcomes


Raise the level of ambition to have more impact on businesses


Develop innovative, value-creating people, team and organization management and development strategies


Find a new perspective that places people, the relationships between the people, and the way they are organized to do work


  • People and Organisation Strategy / Strategic HR

  • HR Transformation

  • HR Business Partnering

  • HR and Innovation

  • HR and Collaboration

  • HR and Digital Transformation / the Future of Work

  • Organisational Differentiation and Employer Branding

  • Innovated Recruitment

  • Innovated Performance Management

  • Innovated Learning and Development

  • Innovated Reward

  • Modern Organisation Design

  • HR and Business Process Design

  • Employee Experience

  • Job Design

  • Strategic People Planning, Measurement and Analytics

  • Making Strategic Decisions about People

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