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Business Continuity and Crisis Management

by Julian Woodall

Languages: English

Price (from): €2,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Have been involved in heath and safety training and development since 2005 not only in the United Kingdom but also in the Middle East North Africa Region. Have extensive experience in providing training and development solutions for a multitude of companies in the UK and GCC by advising them on the effectiveness of their training procedures, but also carrying out business development within the MENA Region aimed at the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Qualified as a Remote Areas Medic from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh for Medicine in Remote Areas, have worked in Oman, Iraq, Nigeria ,UAE, Qatar, Algeria, Jordan, Norway, China, Highlands of Scotland & Snowdonia providing medical support and health and safety training to a variety of clients in hostile environments such as mountain and desert regions. These have included a multitude of companies from government departments to TV crews. Have consulted on training and development to a multitude of companies from the telecommunications industry, airports, military, local government, specialised security industry, construction industry, arborist, theatres & restaurants, tailoring their training to what they require. Have consulted a number of training companies developing their organisational and understanding of health and safety policies and behavioral safety. Liaised with training companies to design and develop bespoke training programmes and the establishment of a training budget.


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Business Continuity and Crisis Management by Julian Woodall

About the training

#hse   #Business Continuity   #Crisis Management

This two day course is an introduction to the world of Business Continuity & Crisis Management. It is designed for newcomers on the subject of BCCM and who need to have a good understanding of this subject should the situation arise in their company. It provides the beginner with a basic knowledge and understanding of developing or maintaining a crisis management plan.

Learning outcomes

Crisis Managament Plan

Learn how to create a crisis management plan for your company

Emergency Procedures

Get to know the different emergency procedures

Business Impact Analysis

Be aware of how Business Impact Analisys works


Specialise yourself in the development of continuity


  • Different types of crisis and how to handle them.

  • Risk assessment in your business.

  • Purpose of incident and Crisis Management.

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan.

  • Business Impact Analysis.

  • Risk Communication & Leadership.

  • Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery.

  • Emergency response and operations.

  • Devoloping and implementation of effective crisis, incident and business continuity plans.

  • Testing of the plans.

  • Pre Crisis & Post Crisis Management.

  • Audit Process

Main benefits

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