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Katy Lewis

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Active selling. Sales Details

An experienced and unique sales trainer. Katy helps people resonate with the changes that need to be made to gain excellence sales skills time and time again.  

Her delivery style is honest, engaging and inspiring. 

Working around established behaviors with a focus on provoking moments of realization. 
Noticing and replacing limiting habits, actions, and beliefs with skills and understanding that can be instantly taken away and used today in the real world.
Katy uses stories and analogies alongside facts, figures, and renowned development models. Her work is backed by psychology, sociology and a wealth of sales experience. This isn’t death by Powerpoint, this is new, refreshed life by understanding. 

Every training module is uniquely tailored to each client ensuring all organizational needs and objectives are fully covered.
Katy covers all areas of the sales environment from new starters to higher-level change for experienced executives.