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Customer Service Training

by Khonda Hamlet

Languages: English

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Khonda Hamlet is a Customer Service Specialist with more than 13 years’ experience in Customer Service Management.  She has extensive background and experience in Operations Management, Coaching, Personnel Development, and Training.  Khonda is also a member of the International Association of Talent and Development (ATD), from which she has earned the ATD Trainer Certification.


Her wealth of knowledge comes from being a Solution-Driven Senior Operations Manager for 8 years at a leading Contact Center in the Caribbean.  Through the Contact Center industry, Khonda has worked on major accounts such as Comcast Cable, Offer Wire, Time Werner Cable and Farmers Insurance.

 Khonda has successfully developed ‘performance specialist’ initiatives aimed at developing underperformers by aligning them with superior performers who could complement their specific areas of opportunity.


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Customer Service Training by Khonda Hamlet

About the training

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The training focuses on tailoring business interactions with customers, as well as identifying strengths and ‘areas of opportunity’ to align business interests with customer demands.

It focusses on training businesses on how to deliver first-class Customer Service to both internal and external customers. This training focusses on the needs of the customers and how to appeal to those specific needs.

The training also takes on a very practical role by conducting on the ground needs assessment and tailors the training to meet the needs of the business.


  • Session 1 Understanding Customer Service

  • What is Customer Service?

  • Understanding the relationship between the clients and their customers

  • Practical Activity

  • Debrief of Activity

  • Session 2 – The Seven basic expectations of Customer Service

  • Practical Group Activity

  • Debrief of Activity

  • Session 3 – Empathy

  • What does it mean to be empathetic?

  • How can one be empathetic to someone else?

  • Empathetic statements to incorporate in your communications with sad or irate customers

  • Session 4 – Dealing with displeased customers

  • Three steps for dealing with Irate customers;

  • 10 things not to do when dealing with an irate customer

  • Practical Group Activity;

  • Debrief of Activity

  • Session 5– Customer service in the workplace

  • How to remain professional with other employees in the workplace

  • How can internal customer service and professionalism impact the workplace?

  • Close of training

  • Workshop Summary – Recap of objectives

  • Key Challenges Feedback, Discussion, Course Evaluation and Q & A


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