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Customer Relations Training

by Laszlo Pasztor

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About the trainer:

With 28 years of media experience and more than 8 years of executive counseling past, he is a successful content-maker, strategist, team-builder, coach, trainer and mentor at the same time.

Several acclaimed media professionals can be grateful for him for their first successes and initial branding. Founder editor of StoryOnline, TV24, Mozi24, and SolymarOnline, permanent lecturer of Central Media Academy, a former teacher of Flow Coaching School. His knowledge and experience are unique since he possesses the original combination of years spent in the media as well as a wide HR literacy.

Recently he has been working with managers of corporations, investors and politicians. In the past few years, several successful customer-management training has been associated with his name.


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Customer Relations Training by Laszlo Pasztor

About the training

#customerrelations   #active listening and awareness   #communicate more emphatically   #development

Laszlo Pasztor provides his clients special, supportive presence in which they can work confidently and joy on their blocks, are able to change and keen on developing. Following the training, the staff learns the most important rules and formulas of active listening and awareness. They will communicate more emphatically, more skilfully and more flexibly with the company’s customers. In tense situations they will learn to proceed prudently, acting in the interests of the company. His other specialties: crisis management, job and career change, self-assertion and self-confidence development, career support for people over fifty.

Learning outcomes

Managing emotions

Appropriate behavior in diverse situations; Finding the right voice with a wide spectrum of customer personalities.

Commitment to values

Ability to represent the values from within and of the company; By becoming more aware, trainees will be able to value the benefits of what they represent.


Building trust by being present; The art of presence. (Active listening, body language, self-synchrony, showing up.)

Activating personal powers

Access to and control of limitless inner resources (skills and abilities, values, powers.); Being able to positively affect team morale consistently; Being motivated and creating a sense of team unity.


  • Creating relationship

  • First impression

  • The cases of being distracted

  • All about empathic behavior

  • Conducting a test among the participants (self-awareness)

  • Improving communication behavior (win-win situations, types of behaviors in communicative situations)

  • The irritable client

  • Polarity in the system

  • The method of hostage negotiators

Main benefits

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