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The Power of Decorum – A Business and Social Dining Etiquette Course

by Laura Akano

Languages: English, Yoruba

Price (from): €4,000 / day

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About the trainer:

I am a certified etiquette trainer and coach, the CEO of Polished Manners UK, an etiquette and soft skills training and consulting company. For several years, I have been helping others develop and improve their social and soft skills through etiquette training. I am passionate about making a difference to organizations and individuals who value civility and respect in creating a better environment to live and work. I spent 16 years working for various companies in retail and administrative positions including Nestle UK, House of Fraser, Federal Express and Hertz UK. My experiences have made an impact on my training as to the importance of human relationships and connections. My mission is to make etiquette training more accessible, not just for the rich. I teach in a fun, practical, modern and relevant way that can be applied to everyday life. Polished Manners was established to make gaining essential soft skills accessible to more people. Good soft skills can help us create opportunities and make advances towards the lifestyle that we desire. With careful guidance and thorough knowledge, strategy, and implementation, Polished Manners can help anyone harness the power of etiquette and manners to help them work towards bigger and better things. I have contributed to etiquette related topics on radio and articles in newspapers, including ‘The Washington Post.’ I have also been featured in BBC programs teaching etiquette.


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The Power of Decorum – A Business and Social Dining Etiquette Course by Laura Akano

About the training

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A one-day workshop will include some of the following topics with a lot of practice and practical activities to reinforce the topics.  

This is to ensure that participants go away with a good knowledge of when and how to apply their new skills.  Etiquette and soft skills training are now as important as academic qualifications and experience.  Business etiquette training is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, it gives a professional advantage.

These topics will help to develop leadership and civility skills that foster good relationships within organizations and when dealing with clients.  These topics can also be delivered as a seminar or a workshop over a longer period if required.  Each course can be tailored to the specific requirement of the client or organization.  A course reference booklet is provided for each workshop candidate. 

The investment/fee will be confirmed once information is received about the number of participants, duration of the course and location.


Learning outcomes


Confident and happier employees - who present themselves in a positive way by consistently exhibiting the qualities of a professional.

Social Dining

Employees that are competent and professional when representing the company; Participants learn techniques for communicating respect and leadership.


Gain an understanding of what is expected and accepted behaviour for every business and professional situation.


Gain an understanding of western dining etiquette and expected behaviour when dining out with clients on business.


  • The History of Dining

  • Introduction To A Formal Place Setting

  • Deals Over Meals

  • Restaurant Etiquette

  • Table manners / Styles of Eating

  • How To Eat Certain Foods

  • International Food & Custom

  • Distressing Mealtime Moments

  • Dressing For The Occasion

  • Cocktail Etiquette

  • Wine Etiquette

  • Toasting

  • Question and Answer Period

Main benefits

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