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Mindfulness for companies: Less stress, higher productivity!

by Lisa Évoluer

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €5,640 / day

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About the trainer:


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Mindfulness for companies: Less stress, higher productivity! by Lisa Évoluer

About the training

#improved communication skills   #higher resilience to stress and circumstances that cannot change   #feeling of being more content and being more focused   #finding inner strength and being more confident   #overcome or reduce perfectionism, anger, self-doubt   #being more patient, understanding and compassionate   #identifying and releasing old habits

Hours: 6x2 hours live-training + 2 hours pre- and post-course readings (8 weeks)
I offer a 2 or 4-hour workshop on request, however, I highly recommend to go for the 8-week program. This helps to build a routine and familiarizing yourself and your employees better with mindfulness, so you will benefit from it long-term. In case you would like to see if this training is for you, I offer a consultation followed by the 8-week program. If you want to refresh mindfulness from time to time, I am happy to offer you the 2 or 4-hour workshop afterward.

Bonus 1: Consultation before the workshop/course. This is not a one fit all program. It will be designed to match your company profile.
Bonus 2: The 8-week course includes a certificate and after absolving this training, one is eligible to become a mindfulness trainer and go through the teachers-course.
Bonus 3: Worksheets + exercises

Location: Online (for training on location the price depends on the chosen location + duration)

Price: 5640€ for the 8-week course (1 time). Permanent access to the training can be purchased as well, price depends on how many licenses are required (number of users).

Entry requirements: All course participants have to submit an application form which includes a “screening tool” (your health and whether you benefit from the course is important to me)

Learning outcomes

Maximize Potential

By implementing mindfulness in your daily life and the philosophy of your company, you will not only create a better work environment but also maximize your potential.

Higher Revenue

Happier employees = happier clients = higher revenue

Higher Productivity

Less stress with higher productivity!

Much more...

Further benefits: clearer sense of self, being able to detect opportunities much better by being focused, preventing depression-relapse and chronic pain reduction, learning new meditation techniques which are easy and keen


  • The history of mindfulness

  • The difference between mindfulness and MBCT

  • To help recognize habitual, automatic routines that tend to perpetuate difficulties

  • To become familiar with the mind and respond to sensations, urges and thoughts in a different way

  • To develop reflection on the mindfulness practices through keeping a daily journal

  • To learn various formal and informal ways of practicing mindfulness

Main benefits

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