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Marcella Cosentino

Languages: English, Italian

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Project Management Project Management beginner

Some months ago, following my passion for science, I read an interview with a great mathematician, she said:

“I have found great joy and pleasure in studying math. Along my journey, I made friends and worked with many people interesting and creative.
So, I was saved by boring, dryness and self-referentiality. I couldn’t ask for more. Other than lonely.”

With humility, I can apply these words to my working experience as a project manager. This value of the profession and my current job is what I try to transfer in my training, together with a solid base of competences.

After my degree in math, I started working in IT companies. I have more than 25 years of experience, working as a Project Manager and PMO; multiple experiences in strategic initiatives in the area of process improvement and organizational transformation.