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Effective Feedback

by Marija Svigir

Languages: Bosnian, English, Croatian, Serbian

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

18+ years of training experience, author 30+ various trainings in communication and leadership, 2000+ training with more than 15.000 participants 

Marija Švigir is the founder of Balance Consulting, a training and coaching consulting firm and one of the founders of an HR platform - One Assessment. She has experience in a managerial position in HR at an international company. Also, Marija is a partner on the Rent-a-HR program. 

In addition to being a member of several training councils and coaching teams, she has been a trainer at the Belgrade Management Center for 12 years and also works as an international coach for Net Expat. 

She has finished psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, applying psychotherapy in working with organizations at EAGLOD (European Association for Gestalt Leadership & Organizational Development) and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Certified NLP Trainer. 

Through her work so far, she has become an expert in individual and organizational development.


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Effective Feedback by Marija Svigir

About the training

#giving/receiving   #effectivefeedback   #feedback   #leadership   #peoplemanagement   #communications   #unlockingpotential

1-day training
Customizable to the Client's requirements

Training has a lot of practical exercises.

Goal: Improving giving/receiving effective and constructive feedback, through the following topics: 

In order to develop ourselves, we need feedback. But, usually, we don’t receive or give feedback. We know that is important, useful but it is not easy to deliver it. 

This training is designed to help leaders learn and experience how to provide feedback at any time. This training will also help participants to understand how structure and communication techniques can help people accept it and make changes.

Learning outcomes

Improve others performance

Understanding why feedback is important; Provide feedback in real situations and with results

Improve your performance

Asking and receiving a constructive feedback; Understanding your motives for a feedback


Use a powerful communication technique; Effect on the development and behavior of your collages


  • Why feedback is useful and important

  •  Motives for feedback

  • Preparation of effective and constructive feedback, 7 principles

  • Giving and receiving positive and negative feedback

  • Communication techniques for opening and closing of feedback

Main benefits

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