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Mark Argent

Training Category Levels
Design thinking Other beginner

Mark’s background combines:

  • coaching;
  • design, both for type (particularly music) and web;
  • spirituality and retreat giving;
  • psychoanalytically-informed approaches to organizations;
  • music and creative arts;
  • strong personal connections in South East Asia.

He is an accredited Analytic Network Coach, an associate of:

  • Tavistock Institute for Human Relations;
  • Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings;

a member of:

  • International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations;
  • Spiritual Directors International;
  • Guild of Pastoral Psychology;
  • Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators;
  • Organization for Promoting Understanding of Society (OPUS), and OPUS Consultancy

and currently in training with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis.