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Social Selling 101

by mark young

Languages: English

Price (from): €997 / day

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About the trainer:

Powered by passion, fuelled by feedback

Mark Young, founder of a company responsible for Social Media is an entrepreneur that has started and led companies in various industries over the years. As an industry leader, he watched the shift from telemarketing to today’s ever-evolving social network environment. His company was born from the realization that the world is in the midst of a revolution in how people interact with each other and how they consume. Mark's Social Media training, Coaching and Done For You Lead generation marketing packages to come with a depth of industry expertise on how to make a brand stand out in a space where consumers are inundated with advertising.

His company is just what it says—a company founded on a love of social media for its cute cat videos, food pics, and most importantly, it’s the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. Social media has transformed business, and with Mark's Social Selling training, coaching and marketing packages, he helps brands harness the power of these platforms to generate meaningful leads. His company empowers businesses with knowledge and confidence to own their social media and marketing strategy.

In a culture that swipes and scrolls mindlessly, today’s companies must understand how to make their target audience stop and take notice. Love Social Media specializes in driving attention from the right buyers. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to business marketing. His company offers tailored strategies that match the brand, budget, and objectives of their clients.


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Social Selling 101 by mark young

About the training

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Social Selling Training Course – How To Use Social Media To Build Up Your Pipeline And Close Deals Faster

Traditional marketing methods like – cold calling, telemarketing, snail-mail letters, events and ‘referral hoping’ are expensive and slow for switched-on sales professionals. Today, if you are in a sales and business development role, social media is vital for leveraging networks of warm leads. We’ll show you the techniques to find the people you need to talk to, by name and location, even their email address!

“ A third (32%) of B2B decision makers respond to a cold call less than ten per cent of the time. They are more likely to respond to someone that was introduced through their professional network.”


This course teaches sales professionals how to leverage social media to find more leads, develop better-qualified prospects, close sales faster and increase deal sizes.



Anyone interested in Social Selling And learning how to leverage social media to grow their business. This class is perfect for anyone who works in sales who would like to learn how to use social media to increase sales, find new leads and opportunities and to keep your existing clients closer to you. 

Also, perfect if you are a business owner and cold calling is not your thing. We will show you strategies to find your ideal clients

Learning outcomes


Find more leads


Develop better-qualified prospects


Close sales faster


Increase deal sizes


  • LinkedIn Interface

  • Importance of a LinkedIn profile and your personal brand

  • LinkedIn profile and your personal brand

  • How to build your network

  • Look at Company pages on LinkedIn

  • The importance of Content Creation

  • Look at LinkedIn Groups

  • Social Selling Methodology

  • About Social Prospecting

  • How to stay top of your prospects mind

  • Nurture with content

  • Content Creation and Curation

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Over My Shoulder -Putting it all together

Main benefits

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