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Martin Sramek

Languages: Czech, English, Slovak

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CATCH AND KEEP THE ATTENTION Sales, Soft Skills, Other Details

As a teenager, while captaining a soccer team of older teammates, I found out I’d been able to gather and lead various characters and personalities towards one goal. I’ve always loved being the center of attention everyone around gets easily attached to. Funny yet serious, tolerant but strict, multi-interested yet committed, friendly but honest, crazy yet reliable.

Thankfully soon enough I realized I’d always been into people, not things. This attribute had inevitably dragged me to working with people, which, eventually, I was never going to get enough of.

Becoming an English and Czech language teacher at the age of 17, that is where it all began for real. A 2,5-year stay in America in the meantime taught me how to bring sponsors to a club I still managed to play soccer for.

Later on, while in 4th year of university, I got hooked up by a German behemoth Adidas for the position of Sales Specialist, and that is where it all has circled up so far! Being able to identify and convince people is my favorite daily bread that I just love to keep coming!