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Mary Petersen

Languages: German, English

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Training Category Levels
Effective intercultural communication Leadership, Other beginner
Leading people – and Agile Management Leadership, Other beginner
Working Virtually Leadership, Other beginner
Agile Managing International Projects Leadership, Other beginner

Working with people and seeing them succeed is Mary's biggest thrill - and there have been many!
Her work is diverse - developing herself to help her clients evolve into the professionals they've dreamed to be - even CEOs!
Mary gained a Diploma in Teaching and 2 years of high school teaching in Australia before relocating to Germany. She gained experience as a TEFL Trainer before starting her freelance business as an English trainer under Logik Sprachtraining - Is your English up to Business? - which evolved into Executive Link - Global Career and Education Consultants.
Both labels have given her opportunities to delve into areas she is passionate about.
Self-development, openness and flexibility have opened many doors for her:
- On the EU committee to map both TOEFL and TOEIC to the CEFR language levels
- Assigned to write: 'Fit for TOEFL' (3rd Edition)& 'Fit for TOEIC' Hueber Verlag (2012)
- Article & blog writer on Leadership & Personal Development issues she feels strongly about
- Regular presenter at career/education fairs throughout Germany
- Outplacement assignments
- Professional international CV/ resume witer - offers free CV checks at fairs
- Worked closely with Business Schools in Germany - her trainers gave GMAT seminars.
- Clients accepted into Ivy-league universities/business schools (INSEAD)after rigorous
coaching, thorough preparation for admissions tests, carefully crafted resumes , motivation
essays, letters of recommendation.
- Her in-house trainings have tenures of 6 years+ and seminar assignments at universities -
incl. "Working Internationally" and open seminars: international communication skills
- Past customers include Oracle, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, MSD, LMU, Helmholz Zentrum Mü.,
- Intercultural Trainer - training course by world-renowned interculturalist M. Bennett
- Attends international leadership congresses to learn from Thought Leaders which motivated
her to become a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach.