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Languages: English, Spanish, French, Croatian

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Presenting a Project Soft Skills Details

Hi! I am Croatian/Aussie/Spanish Communication Professional who successfully trains people on communication strategy, skills, and content. My motto is: "everyone a communicator". My goal is to integrate clear communications into every aspect of an organization's structure. I always wanted to be a teacher. So I become a learner first. Life took me from my hometown Zagreb to sunny Melbourne ( where I learned how to spell), to noisy Madrid ( where I learned how to dance) and then to rainy Brussels where I live now, happily ever after. Since moving to Brussels back in 2008, I held posts as Communication and Public Relations Manager with a well-known politician, the European Commission, a PR agency, a non-profit and a lobby (in that order). At heart, I am a communication architect, planning and building as many bridges between people as I possibly can.

My passion for teaching and the experience of working in a number of Brussels-based organizations as a communications manager. I founded Target Talk in 2011 and have since coached and trained hundreds of professionals in the art of public speaking and closely related communication skills.