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Matt Kuppers

Languages: German, English

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Independent consultant with 10 years of industry experience. Specialised in Private Sector Development, Start-up Consulting, and Entrepreneurship Training. Seasoned conference speaker and guest lecturer.

Matt Kuppers is an independent consultant specialised in Start-up & SME Consulting, Entrepreneurship Training, and Economic Development. His experience spans over 10 years in the start-up industry and includes venture capital, founding businesses, and consulting of over 200 start-ups. He is Independent Expert to the European Commission, and Entrepreneurship Programme author at his alma mater the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also trained start-ups at the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy seeking venture capital in London. Matt is the Founder of the London-based consultancy Startup Manufactory, and a regular speaker at conferences such as The Economist Lisbon Summit, Horasis Global Meeting, and at the University of Oxford. Matt studied towards an MPhil in Social Psychology at LSE and completed training as an Education Field Officer (Lehrstabsoffizier) at the Military Academy of the German Armed forces (FüAkBw).