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by Matt Somers

Languages: English

Price (from): €2,500 / day

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About the trainer:

Coaching Skills Training is a specialist training consultancy focused entirely on training managers as coaches. We operate throughout the UK and beyond and are determined to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that what is intended is achieved. “Just thought I’d share some news with you. I had my usual monthly one to one with my star performer today. Every month I 'tell' her she should go for management and her response is always "I can’t be bothered with the hassle". After using ARROW I uncovered the real issue which was basically having to do any sort of presentation and speaking in front of people ( e.g morning meetings).. after following the process she now wants to go for management with my help. Great results... I am now walking about thinking who else can I try it on......” Alex Bodie, Branch Manager Citi Financial “I have learnt so much from this course which I can use in both work place and personal life. I believe coaching is applicable to everyone regardless on level and responsibilities. The course kept me interested at all times. Lots to go away and think about.” Lindsey Mitchell HSBC “Thanks for that last course. I’m now running a branch again. I have been using the ARROW model and it has turned Peterborough into one of the best branches in the UK.” Mick Burdon, Branch Manager Scottish & Southern Energy Plc


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About the training

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Our recommended approach involves a coaching skills programme, spread over 3
months, and structured as follows:

• A 2-day course that enables the participants to become leaders that coach
• Guided learning activity as participants apply their new skills
• 1 day follow up session to deepen skills and ensure they are permanent
• Ongoing support and follow up
This approach turns a 3-day course into a 90-day development programme, ensuring
the depth of learning from much longer programmes but with minimal time away from
the office and day to day operational matters.

How it works
The 2-day course covers the philosophies, principles and skills of coaching. With a
practical bias and a focus on workplace issues, the aim is to enable participants to
discover how to achieve results by coaching through discussion, demonstration and
practise in an atmosphere of high support. It is a highly participative and enjoyable
event and includes some light physical activity.
We do this in our workshops to appeal to
different learning styles and to demonstrate
coaching principles.
There’s a variety of things we can do depending
on the venue, access to outdoor space and the
the overriding need to make sure no one is
We have, for example, used hitting a golf ball as
a metaphor for how coaching can enable
managers to help their team members find their


  • DAY 1:

  • Opening

  • Coaching model

  • Coaching Demonstrated

  • The Art of Questioning

  • Awareness, Trust and Responsibility

  • Communication

  • The Coaching ARROW

  • DAY 2:

  • Coaching Practise

  • Coaching in Teams

  • The Manager as Coach

  • Benefits & Applications

  • Action Planning

  • Close

  • DAY 3:

  • Review of days 1&2

  • Achievements

  • Issues

  • Feedback and coaching

  • Coaching difficult people

  • Action Planning

  • Close

Main benefits

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