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Develop your self-leadership

by Maura Di Mauro

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Price (from): €850 / day

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About the trainer:

Maura Di Mauro is a senior Work and Organization Psychologist. She is specialized in training needs analysis and design, and in conducting training and one-to-one coaching programs, aimed at the development of managerial “soft” skills, such as Self-leadership; Gender differences and equal opportunities; Intercultural management and intercultural communication (in presence and virtually); Assessment and Development Centre; Developing international competence and sustainable global leaders; Diversity & Inclusion Management; Expats preparation. 
Her clients come from diverse types of industries and economic sectors.

Maura resides in Milan, Italy, where she was born. She has lived in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), London (UK); Madrid and Santander (Spain), Malta, Kuwait, and in the US. She works in Italy and abroad, depending on clients’ offices; she speaks Italian as her mother tongue, English and Spanish with a good level of proficiency that allows her to work in international and multinational contexts. Maura is the author of several articles and publications on the topics of how to deal with diversity, intercultural communication, and methodologies of intercultural training.


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Develop your self-leadership by Maura Di Mauro

About the training

#Develop self-efficacy skill and self-leadership   #Include future leaders in tailor-made training development path   #Give to employees an opportunity of wellness and wellbeing   #Improve internal organization relations and working climax   #Improve individual and organization performance

Impossible to become a leader, if you are not, first of all, leader of yourself. And one of the essential ability to be the leader of your self is the capacity to believe in yourself, trust your capacity and what you want to achieve. This capacity is called self-efficacy. Several psychological and management studies prove that a positive self-efficacy has positive impacts on self-fulfilling prophecy, and consequently, on personal performance. Train the development of employees and managers’ self-efficacy give them the opportunity to become leaders, of themselves and for others.

This is a 2 days workshop + 1 day follow up + one-to-one or group coaching as follow up and learning reinforcement. The course is developed through interactive methodologies. Participants will be involved in active exercises that include tests, videos, discussions, cases, and simulations, personal critical incidents, etc. After the course, in order to sustain the implementation of developed personal action plans, or in order to overcome any possible encountered difficulties, participants will be supported by one-to-one or team coaching (in the presence or by distance).

Learning outcomes


Acquire knowledge about self-leadership and self-efficacy; Facilitate teamwork communication/integration, effectiveness also in difficult situations, and in general, managers-employees relations


Identify and analyze personal ineffectiveness situations and the impact of own inner dialogue


Acquire skills and operational tools to recognize and limit self-locking mechanisms and own team members’ internal killers; Define a personal development action plan


Recognize and activate personal resources to develop own self-efficacy and to strengthen his/her own self


  • Self-efficacy and self-leadership personal model

  • Internal dialogue

  • Personal killers and internal obstacles

  • Re-discover own internal and external resources

  • Positive anchorage, learning by mistakes and personal models

  • Personal Development Action Plan

Main benefits

  • #Wide collection of the biggest experts
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  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency

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