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Effective Communication

by Melina Tsikogiannopoulou

Languages: Greek, English

Price (from): €1 / day

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Effective Communication by Melina Tsikogiannopoulou

About the training

• What is effective communication and why is it important?

• What are the Communication Channels (5 senses)

• 10 key factors that hinder effective Communication

• The Power of Verbal Communication

• The technique of reflection

• The keys that open the door to conversation and the 12 ways to cut off each other's talk

• Differences in communication between men and women (think, talk and decide differently)

• The importance of tone of voice pauses etc.

• How do you read people's body language and what is positive body language

• How to Improve Communication

• The 4 categories of Communication Types:    

- In which category do I belong    

- The features of each type    

- How to recognize the communication type of the client    

- How to deal effectively with all types of Communication

- The importance of behavioral adjustment I'm at your disposal for anything else you need. Sincerely, Melina Tsikogiannopoulou

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