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Mi Ridell

Languages: English, Swedish

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BODY LANGUAGE - the key to business success Soft Skills Details

Mi Ridell is a lecturer and expert in rhetoric and body language. She is a well-used speaker who gives knowledge of how rhetoric and body language creates a successful business. With over 30 years of experience from the theater scene and television, as well as studies in rhetoric and body language, including by the American FBI agent Joe Navarro, Mi has worked, lectured and given training in body language, rhetoric and presentation techniques in recent years. She weaves together experiences from having coached people in defense and police to how she, through acting, experienced the importance of the nonverbal language, our body language, to a unique form of rhetoric that helped thousands of people reach their goals. She is a popular speaker who can get both leaders, politicians, organizations, and employees to work and develop in a concrete and energetic way that both becomes fun and drives the business forward.