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Social Selling VIP Training Program

by Mic Adam

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €750 / day

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About the trainer:

Mic Adam started Vanguard Leadership to help organizations with the implementation of social media.  His focus lies on implementing Social Selling programs, employee advocacy programs, social media strategy and consultancy, writing & implementation of social media policies, conducting social media training and involved in community and conversation management.

Mic has built an international career as general manager, sales and marketing manager at companies in B2B and B2C domains and includes Wang Laboratories (B & USA), Kryptonite Corp. (B & USA), Van Aerden Group (F, B & USA), Ophardt Hygiëne Technik (D) and Unisys (B & F & UK). 

His training programs include Social Selling, Social Recruitment, and Employee Advocacy as well as platform training such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Video marketing and content marketing in both B2B and B2C environments.


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Social Selling VIP Training Program by Mic Adam

About the training

#Social media   #Social Selling   #Linkedin

Open at least up one of your 10 target accounts and reach your quota using Social Selling on LinkedIn and other platforms!

week 1 - (2h – Webinar training session)

  1. Making a difference – what social selling really is?
  2. Quick profile review – Are your profiles ready to hunt?
  3. Who is your target person and their influencers?  Add them to Sales Navigator.
  4. Connect with a purpose technique to grow your network
  5. LinkedIn for social selling
    1. Finding & engaging prospects
    2. Becoming the trusted advisor
    3. Setup inbound prospecting
  6. How to add Facebook & Twitter to the mix
  7. Create a daily routine for social selling (Grow, Keep warm and Visibility) using the web or app
  8. Content is your key to social selling
    1. What, where and how?
    2. Create and curate

 week 2 - (60 min.  meeting face-to-face via Zoom)

  1. Review networking and prospecting approaches
  2. Create content messages for the next week
  3. Fine-tune different techniques to score appointments

week 3 -6 - (45 min. /week F2F or online conference)

  1. Coaching: During the project individuals are monitored and during the 1-on-1 they are coached on the area’s they need work on.
  2. Content creation for next week(s)
  3. Questions & answers plus more tips & tricks

week 7 - (60 min. /week F2F or online conference)

  1. Content creation for next week(s)

Main benefits

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  • #Highest level of proficiency