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Higher Award in Training the Trainer (double accreditation ILM / NCFE) (Soft Skills, Presentation Skills)

by Michael Ronayne

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

As a 9 times National Finalist and now 4 times UK Public Speaking Champion with a background as a professional musician, Michael Ronayne has developed a profound understanding of the different aspects of speaking and public performance.

He has written and presented communication training seminars for many major UK organisations and government departments.
As well as working extensively in the UK, Michael has designed and led presentation training programmes for major corporations across Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America.

As a trainer and trainer of trainers, Michael has taught and mentored hundreds of trainers and coaches. He spends part of his time as a trainer and mentor for newly-qualifying Public Speaking trainers at the Speakers Trust.

Michael`s expertise in the field of training, coaching and mentoring has also meant that he was involved from the outset firstly in the development and then overseeing the delivery of Pearson Edexcel`s BTEC Professional Award programme in `Training the Trainer`.


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Higher Award in Training the Trainer (double accreditation ILM / NCFE) (Soft Skills, Presentation Skills) by Michael Ronayne

About the training

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Attention: Ambitious Trainers, Team leaders, and Managers: Give me just two days in London and I'll give you the skills and knowledge to turn average, ho-hum training into focused, structured, transformational inspiration... and TWO industry benchmark professional qualifications as a trainer to add to your CV as proof. Training can only ever be as good as the trainer who delivers it. In this course, you'll discover how to choose the right learning style for any training situation and deliver a confident, compelling performance, every time. The 3 elements that must intersect to create Ideal Communication and achieve the trainer's Holy Grail: 'Planned Spontaneity' How to use Pitch, Pace, Power and Pause to make an impact How to use your body - stance, hands and voice, and gestures - both to relate to others, and assert yourself, and when to use each style of non-verbal communication Great trainers recognize the unique needs of every 'class' they work with, speak to their needs, and develop an easy rapport that facilitates learning and results in top approval ratings - and so will you. You'll discover: The 3 essential ingredients for a successful workshop or training session: Learning Environment, Learning Readiness, Participation What to say in the critical first 90 seconds of any training workshop so that attendees trust you and become fully engaged. We'll develop this essential content with you, live during the workshop, so you can take it away and use it immediately How to map out why students need your workshop to make any training brief compelling Creating effective, impactful training is equal parts art and science. You'll discover: The 5 stage model for creating effective training: Purpose, Outcomes, Steps, HR/Materials, Feedback How to create effective Purpose Statements and Learning Outcomes - including the 'Implement, Improve, Innovate' model for understanding and choosing learning objectives The Rules of Feedback - including the 'Sprinkler Rule' How to use story techniques to make your points powerful and highly memorable.

Learning outcomes

Training Structure

craft clear purpose statements and measurable training outcomes; prioritize content so that key messages resonate with the students; incorporate the necessary flexibility to adapt to different training needs

Training Design

assess a range of delivery methods to suit course content to different students; employ visual and story techniques to fully engage participants; adapt a simple 5 step model to develop training from concept to classroom

Training Delivery

perfect speaking and delivery skills to enhance trainer credibility; apply simple techniques to engage and relate to any group of students; establish a safe and active learning environment.


  • Session 1 1. Introductions Exercise (To establish immediate ground rules for confident, effective delivery. Focus on Structure and Flexibility: Icebreakers and Introductions) 2. ‘What and Why’ (To analyse the key elements and aims of a training sessio

  • Session 2 1. Attitudes and Fundamentals (To focus on the relationship between Trainer, Student and Training material) 2. Structure and Flexibility (To create clear objectives, engage participants from the outset, establish trainer credibility)

  • Session 3 1. Engagement (To establish the relevance of the training from the participants’ point of view: understanding and expressing the ‘wiify’ (what’s in it for you)) 2. Opening a Training Session (to establish the ground rules and aims of the tra

  • Session 4 1. Analysis of different personalities and styles of learning (DISC System) (to establish how we all see the world through different filters And how this applies to students in training) 2. Adapting training to suit different needs.

  • Session 5 1. ‘Painting the picture’ (Stories and Case Studies) (to develop engaging visual imagery to underline key points.) 2. Analogies and Metaphors (to establish the importance of trainer ‘credibility’, and the use of personal experience and eve

  • Session 6 1. Activities and Delivery Options (to develop a range of activities and delivery options to bring the training to life) 2. Creating a training programme (to establish a clear process for developing a programme from initial training needs thro

  • Session 7 1. Designing Purpose Statements and Learning Outcomes. (to demonstrate how working with clear outcomes will clarify the meaning and purpose of the training for both trainer and for students) 2. The ‘softer’ skills (to examine the keys to creat

  • Session 8 1. Anatomy of a Trainer (developing an inventory of each student’s individual strengths and personal characteristics as an ongoing framework for continual professional improvement.) 2. ‘Pleasing Personality’ (Final open session on tips and hin

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