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ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH DISC - W.M.Marston's behavioural approach

by Michel Bienert

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

World Class Business coach serving you to provide Return On Investment on your Learning & Development. Expertise: - Transition & Organizational Change - Intercultural Relationships & Leadership - Leadership & People Management - Sales & Purchasing - Communication - Teamspirit - Vision - Mission - Values - Corporate Culture - Burnout Prevention - Talent Management - Public Speaking


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ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH DISC - W.M.Marston's behavioural approach by Michel Bienert

About the training

#Increased efficiency and profitability (#efficiency, #profitability)   #Feeling confident with challenging conversations (#confidence)   #More fun and happiness at work (#fun, #happiness)   #More trust among stakeholders (#trust)

16H COACHING PROGRAM FOR PROFESSIONALS  (2H sessions) - available for webinar and for live in house

" The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

Have you ever had the feeling of a mismatch between you and another person?

Well, it happens often and nothing's wrong with it. As a matter of fact, we all have our own personality and some people just feel, think and behave differently. W.M.Marston has modelled 4 main behavioural types which are easy to recognize. Once you understand their feelings and thoughts, it becomes much easier to communicate and interact with anybody because you have started adapting the way you communicate and behave in order to stay in the comfort zone of your interlocutors. This course will give you the keys to understanding the 4 personality types, to their emotions, ideas and values, how each type communicates and wants to be treated. The various exercices will develop your intuition to recognize the traits of each personality type instantly. You'll learn to adapt your attitude, communication and behaviour in order to have great conversations with any interlocutor. 

Learning outcomes


the ability to enhance conversations in order to manage next steps and progress


the ability to understand the motivations, feelings, intentions and expectations of each profile


the ability to establish trust despite the differences between the personality types


the ability to translate different needs and expectations into common solutions


  • Understanding W.M.Marston’s 4 personality types model

  • Mastering the core emotions and expectations of each personality type

  • Recognizing the traits of each personality type

  • Adopting the preferred communication style of each personality type

  • Learning how to optimize communication between the 4 profiles

  • Learning how to collaborate with the 4 profiles

  • Learning to optimize the strengths of each personality type and create synergies in a group

Main benefits

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