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by Michel Bienert

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

World Class Business coach serving you to provide Return On Investment on your Learning & Development. Expertise: - Transition & Organizational Change - Intercultural Relationships & Leadership - Leadership & People Management - Sales & Purchasing - Communication - Teamspirit - Vision - Mission - Values - Corporate Culture - Burnout Prevention - Talent Management - Public Speaking


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About the training

#Feeling confident with challenging burn-out situations (#confidence)   #More well-being and happiness at work (#well-being, #happiness)   #Improved employer branding among all stakeholders (#trust)   #Increased efficiency and profitability (#efficiency, #profitability)

16H COACHING PROGRAM FOR LEADERS  (2H sessions) - available for webinar and for live in house

Price : 4.800 eur + vat per group of 12 participants

Many organsitions struggle with absenteeism and talents leaving their jobs. The program "how to prevent burnout" shows ways to avoid burnout and once it happens, how to manage it in a way that takes into account the human being and the needs of the organisation. 

In a disrupted world that is changing faster than ever, human beings have a tendency to resist and fight rather than letting go. Employees are expected to achieve more with less, to adapt quicker, to become more agile every day and to learn faster. Systems, tools and expectations get more complex and the pressure on the work floor increases steadily.  Surveys teach us that more than 50% are struggling with pressure at work and therefore undergo higher stress that prevents them from performing better. The feeling of not being heard, waste of energy and lack of purpose create disillusion and a feeling of despair among workers. In the meantime, absenteeism is growing and the cost of it puts even more pressure on our organisations. That’s why managers and leaders need to develop their capacity to create more trust and wellbeing in order to trigger good feelings and a positive culture at work, whereas employees need to be coached in a way that helps them facing their challenges in a sustainable way. Our consultants and coaches organize workshops, training and coaching sessions that support leaders and co-workers to manage pressure in a sustainable way in order to prevent burnout and absenteeism. Here are some of the principles we use to enhance meaningful relationships and efforts in order to better manage energy and stress at work. 


Learning outcomes


the ability to recognize the symptoms of burn-out in an early stage


the ability to communicate properly in order to take appropriate organisational decisions


manage situations in a way that is respectful and efficient


the ability to reduce stress at work


  • Understanding the differences between stress, burn-out, bore-out, brown-out, depression

  • How to recognize the symptoms and stages of burn-out

  • The causes of burn-out, internal and external reasons

  • Burn-out and potential risks versus personality types

  • Burn-out and potential risks versus job types

  • Personal burn-out risk factors

  • How to prevent burnout in your team

  • How to prevent burnout in your organization

  • How to conduct burn-out prevention interviews with co-workers

  • The appropriate questions during a burn-out prevention interview

  • Do’s and don'ts during a burn-out absence of a co-worker

  • How to communicate with the co-worker during a burn-out absence

  • How to manage the back-to-work period, prior to, during and after the return

  • How to conduct a back-to-work interview

  • How to manage change in order to prevent burnout

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