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by Michel Bienert

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

World Class Business coach serving you to provide Return On Investment on your Learning & Development. Expertise: - Transition & Organizational Change - Intercultural Relationships & Leadership - Leadership & People Management - Sales & Purchasing - Communication - Teamspirit - Vision - Mission - Values - Corporate Culture - Burnout Prevention - Talent Management - Public Speaking


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About the training

#The replacement of fear by confidence about the best way to be involved in the transformation (#confidence)   #Fun and dedication at work (#fun, #dedication)   #Energy and global happiness at work (#happiness)

24 hours PROGRAM FOR EMPLOYEES and COWORKERS  (2H sessions) - available for webinar and for live in house

Culture is like the wind. It is invisible, yet its effect can be seen and felt. When it is blowing in your direction, it makes for smooth sailing. When it is blowing against you, everything is more difficult."

Brian Walker - Harvard Business Review

After a merger, a takeover, or any corporate paradigm shift, cultural transformation is often the most difficult piece to achieve the necessary engagement and commitment that drives businesses to success. Adaptation requires managers and employees to adopt new behaviours that often conflict with the corporate cultures inherited from the past. However, cultural change can’t be achieved through top-down mandate. It lives in the collective hearts and habits of people and their shared perception of “how things are done around here.” Someone with authority can demand compliance, but they can’t dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or engagement.  At Human Capital & Business Efficiency, we believe that the most significant change often comes through social movements, and that despite the differences between private enterprises and society, leaders can learn from how these initiators engage and mobilize the masses to institutionalize new societal norms. Human Capital & Business Efficiency supports organizations in reinventing their corporate culture, creating a wind that blows in the right direction, allowing all stakeholders to participate in a project that goes beyond their own role. We understand the dynamics of organizational change and deliver workshops, training and coaching sessions that create alignment of visions, values ​​and emotions to produce the sense of belonging to an organisation people need. Here are some of the principles we use to trigger more engagement and drive. 

Learning outcomes


Feeling comfortable with the vision, the mission and values of your organisation


The Ability to act from a shared vision, strategy and feelings about “how things are to be done around here”


The ability to participate in the way change happens and to have an impact on the milestones that bring the organisation closer the its objectives


  • Fully live the vision, mission and values

  • Embracing Change: understanding and accepting transformation, becoming an actor of change

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