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by Michel Bienert

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

World Class Business coach serving you to provide Return On Investment on your Learning & Development. Expertise: - Transition & Organizational Change - Intercultural Relationships & Leadership - Leadership & People Management - Sales & Purchasing - Communication - Teamspirit - Vision - Mission - Values - Corporate Culture - Burnout Prevention - Talent Management - Public Speaking


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About the training

#Feeling comfortable in a leading position (#feelgood)   #More fun and happiness at work (#fun, #happiness)   #A better career and compensation (#career, #compensation)   #Increased efficiency and productivity at work (#efficiency)

80 hours PROGRAM FOR LEADERS (2H sessions) - available for webinar and for live in house

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best moment is now! "

Chinese proverb

Many leaders manage multicultural teams, made up of individuals with different personalities from several generations. On top of that, most employees don’t have the same experiences and motivation to deliver the best version of themselves. In a world that is constantly changing, leaders no longer simply have to get things done, they contribute to the commitment of people, to well-being, to the development and retention of talents in order to carry out projects that deliver the tangible results their organizations need to exist. Lack of awareness about the importance of the skills great leaders need, brings in demobilization of the workforce due to "mismanagement", the development of burn out and the loss of talent and productivity. Companies that have not prepared their leading workforces to such a challenging environment, take huge losses without them even knowing it. The Chinese proverb also tells us that great leaders coach people in achieving daily goals by adapting to their expectations. They need to understand individual motivations and functioning in order to support each employee to deliver up to 100% of their daily potential. This seems quite obvious, however our observations show that most leaders have not been trained to adapt to the diversity of people and situations, as they exist today. Most organizations ignore the potential for H2H development and capacity to unlock it. At Human Capital & Business Efficiency, we believe that leaders are looking for practical coaching that allows them to acquire new skills in line with their reality. They want to be involved in their personal development and are looking for "best practices" in order to achieve their ambitions. Human Capital & Business Efficiency supports entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who are aware of their need for agile but inspiring, human-to-human, multicultural and intergenerational leadership. Our consultants and coaches understand the new challenges of leadership and deliver workshops, training and coaching sessions that combine the best techniques in people management with modern tools for understanding people and today's society. Here are some of the principles we use to face the new challenges of leadership 

Learning outcomes


The ability to manage people regardless their profile, culture, motivation and capacity


The ability to prevent burn out, attracting and keeping talent on board by being a servant leader.


The ability to communicate face to face and in public in a way that is assertive


The ability to set goals that make sense and give meaningful feedback, reward and recognition


  • Assertiveness and emotional intelligence

  • Profiling and skilful communication

  • Talent development interviews

  • Managing Y Generation and Millenials

  • Manage people and projects in a multicultural environment

  • Burnout prevention

  • How to set goals that make sense

  • Give meaningful feedback

  • Being a manager & coach

  • Situational leadership

  • Public speaking

  • Finance basics for non financial leaders

  • Servant leadership

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