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Train The Trainer

by Mihai Curelea

Languages: English, Romanian

Price (from): €1,200 / day

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About the trainer:

I'm an independent training professional with more than 18 years of practice, and with sales and management background. My experience includes over 1000 seminars and workshops delivered on topics related to Communication, Leadership, Coaching, Team development, Presentation&Facilitation skills, Sales and Negotiation; I was privileged to develop and implement training programs for leading companies in industries such as retail, banking, automotive, IT&C, oil & gas, pharma, manufacturing, etc. Nowadays, I'm using my experience, skills, and knowledge to train other trainers and to coach people who want to improve their public speaking and facilitation skills.

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Train The Trainer by Mihai Curelea

About the training

#credibility, fluency, expressiveness   #understanding learning process   #simple methodology   #choose the best training activities   #facilitation techniques   #manage difficult situations

As a trainer, you are in a privileged position to help others learn. To cope with this difficult task you also need coaching. This 3-day program was designed specifically to help you manage all activities related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of a successful training program. This program is highly intensive, comprehensive, and focused on practicing the skills. For each module in the program, there is a practice session, filmed and analyzed individually. You will get constant feedback and coaching to improve your skills during the 3-day workshop and, at the end of the program, you will receive media footage so you can track your progress. You will apply the learning working directly on your case study and you will receive coaching and advice for creating your own course design. At the end of the program, you will have created a training module which will count as a practical test for the certification exam.

Learning outcomes

Platform skills

present any topic to a group with credibility, fluency, and expressiveness; use their emotions associated with public speaking in a constructive way

Design &Development

understand how adults learn; use a simple methodology for developing content; choose the best training activities (games, case studies, role-play, simulations, experiential learning, etc.) to build an attractive course design; evaluate the success of a training program

Facilitation Skills

use various facilitation techniques to keep the learning group active and motivated to participate; use various facilitation techniques to keep the learning group active and motivated to participate; provide feedback in a way that will help participants to learn; manage difficult situations, use different strategies to answer questions, challenges or unproductive behaviors


  • Benchmarking presentation skills - filmed exercise

  • Practice: Using visual contact

  • Using voice, posture and gestures

  • Practice: Using skills together - filmed exercise

  • Practice: using visual aids

  • Practice: Using metaphors and analogies

  • Principles of adult learning

  • The template of a course module

  • REFO ™ Methodology

  • Practice: developing a course module

  • Group dynamics

  • Techniques to encourage participation- - filmed exercise

  • Strategies for debriefing training activities

  • Feedback strategies

  • Answering questions strategies- filmed exercise

  • Managing unproductive behavior

  • Practice: using elements together - facilitating skills- filmed exercise

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