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Mike Mingos

Languages: Greek, English

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Training Category Levels

>> Data Recovery Instructor: Providing on-site or remote seminars on Data Recovery: Hard disk Structure, Hard disk repairs, Tutorials on specific Tools such as PC3k,Deepspar,SD Doctors, DFL Tools,RStudio,Raid Recovery, PCB Repairs, Head Swaps, Platter Swaps, Hard disk parts compatibility. >> Data Recovery Engineering background: Speciality in recovering Seagate,WD, Hitachi and Fujitsu Siemens hard disks with physical or logical problems. Also decoding and recovering NAND chips and SSD Hard disks. RAID recovery from Windows/Linux. >> Ransomware Consultant I have dealt with lots of Ransomware Cases for Corporate or Business environment successfully and found a solution >> Computer Forensics Field: Computer Forensics Analysis. Worked with various computer forensics cases in the private sector and provided electronic evidence for court. >> IT Project Manager: Managing European IT Projects, IT Startup Companies and Implementation of new products and services to the market. English - Data Recovery Deutsch - Datenwiederherstellung oder Datenrettung Français - Récupération de données Español - Recuperación de datos Português - Recuperação de dados Polski - Odzyskiwanie danych Русский - Восстановление информации Українська - Відновлення інформації >> Internet Marketer Promoting Network Marketing Companies since 2009 in Greece. I currently maintain a downline of 2000+ people in my network. >> Bitcoin & Blockchain Consultant - How to use Bitcoin in your business - Bitcoin Wallets, Hardware Wallets & Bitcoin Wallet Recovery - Bitcoin savings strategy - Bitcoin and altcoin Trading - Bitcoin Mining - Ethereum Mining - Cryptocurrency strategies