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Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies with Hands-on Examples & Transactions

by Mike Mingos

Languages: Greek, English

Price (from): €300 / day

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About the trainer:

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Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies with Hands-on Examples & Transactions by Mike Mingos

About the training

#cryptocurrency   #Bitcoin   #crypto

This seminar is for people that have little or no knowledge at all about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

We will explain what Cryptocurrency is and we will focus on how to handle transactions and take all security measures to keep Cryptocurrencies safe.

Furthermore we will go one extra step to make real transactions and explain the process of creating two different Cryptocurrency wallets.

The flow of the seminar depends on the participants level of understanding, but all participants will be able to start doing real cryptocurrency transactions after the end of the seminar.

The duration of the seminar usually is 5-6 hours.

1. Basics of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies (1h)
2. Setting up a wallet, Sending/Receiving Bitcoins & Altcoins (1h)
3. Buying Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum from an exchange (1h)
4. Bitcoin Transactions Tracking (30m)
--- (break)
5. Hands on Training, sending and receiving Cryptocurrency (we will demonstrate real transactions and send sample money to the participants so that they can send back money to us, to get the feeling of using cryptocurrency) (1h)
6. How to secure Cryptocurrencies (Hardware Devices Available/Paperwallets) (1h)
7. Questions and Answers from the fist day (30minutes to 2hrs)

Learning outcomes

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Learn everything you want to know to start doing cryptocurrency transactions today!


  • Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

  • Cyber Security Training for people that handle corporate email

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