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Crisis management

by Mikhail Eydelson

Languages: English, Russian

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

I am a seasoned professional devoting 20-year career effort into three major fields: Corporate Finance, Management Consulting, and Investments. It has been, and still is - an excitement: to meet new people (and keep up with ol' boys), to start new projects (and deliver the best of excellence), to navigate through deserts of business unknowns and uncertain (got the map!) - to the sanctuaries of success. Of course, you may join me in that breathtaking journey. Proven highest commitment to hard work and creativity, delivering state of the art quality results. I do things quickly, a clear, inefficient manner. Build, lead and manage lean teams. Want to cut costs? Ask me how.


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Crisis management by Mikhail Eydelson

About the training

#Crisis management   #Crisis management training

Today, most Russian companies are forced to work in rather difficult conditions - with a high degree of uncertainty. Proven solutions stop working, companies need changes - but which ones? We offer an action program for your company. How to evaluate what is happening today in your industry and company? What anti-crisis strategy to choose? How to find a way out of a hopeless situation? How to succeed in the most adverse circumstances?

We invite you to discuss the most pressing issues for each leader. You can also systematize your own business management skills, exchange experience with colleagues and get acquainted with the practice of successful Russian and international companies.


  • What we have: how to evaluate

  • How to assess the competitive potential of your organization in the new market conditions

  • How flexible can we work with prices in a changing situation?

  • How to analyze not only changes in demand, but also new opportunities

  • What threats and risks for business are possible today and in the future

  • How quickly and at what cost an organization can rebuild technology and modify its product line

  • How and how can transaction costs be reduced without loss in the quality of products / services and management flexibility

  • To what extent are the personnel and management of the enterprise ready to work in the face of changes, including crisis

  • Workshop: case "Analysis of external and internal competitiveness"

  • Key crisis strategies: which one to choose

  • What anti-crisis strategies exist

  • What are the advantages and limitations of each anti-crisis strategy?

  • How flexible should a crisis management strategy be?

  • What can and cannot be planned in advance

  • Which strategy is more suitable for your company?

  • Workshop: case "Choosing an anti-crisis strategy"

  • Anti-crisis project: how to organize

  • How to form a successful crisis management team from leaders? Who should enter it

  • How to quickly and competently assess your resources and plan urgent actions

  • How to successfully work in conditions of a lack of reliable information

  • How to achieve employee interest in the company's success in a difficult situation

  • What is the role of a leader and a leader in anti-crisis personnel stimulation, psychological aspects

  • Workshop: case "Development of an action program"

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