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Communication 101: Create Your Voice

by Mila Marceta

Languages: Bosnian, English, Croatian, Serbian

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

During my 28 years of international corporate career, as Manager, Director, and Executive, I’ve coached and trained generations of professionals, supporting their career goals and company goals, as well. In many situations, I was asked to start a new office or a new company or to lead a company through challenging after-acquisition period. Therefore, it was part of my job to coach the whole company.

Two years ago, I’ve decided to focus all my attention and ability on sharing my knowledge and experience with professionals and companies through coaching and training. I am MSc Math and Computer Science, ICI certified Coach, NLP practitioner, and Transaction Analysis, trainee.


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Communication 101: Create Your Voice by Mila Marceta

About the training

#presentationskills   #verbalcommunication   #non-verbalcommunication   #overcomingfears   #presentationstyle

Ability to define, create, clearly deliver our own message is usually known as “Presentation skills”. In this training, we are learning that it is much more than that. Being able to create an authentic voice is one of the foundations of professional success. It doesn’t matter if the audience is 5 colleagues in the Sprint meeting or 300 people at the conference. What matter is your ability to have your message heard and remembered? Training is intended for all employees to master the skills of presenting the idea in a way that makes it understandable and acceptable for the audience and to master the skill of influencing other people by using powerful presentation. Training is an interactive workshop, which is performed in small groups of up to 15 participants over 2 days. To prepare for the training, the participants are asked to choose the topic for their 5-minute presentation that will be held on the second day of the workshop. Then, using a worksheet that they will get on the training, during the first day of learning and practicing, they will finalize their presentation and immediately apply what they are learning. The second day is for the participant to present. Each presentation is recorded and the presenter gets feedback from the trainer as well as from other participants.

Learning outcomes

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Master the skill of using verbal and non-verbal communication in order to make the contents understandable to different types of audiences.

Presentation Content

Learn how to prepare the content of the presentation to ensure dynamics and flow

Overcoming Fears

Learn how t to choose the appropriate emotional state in order to overcome tremors or fears of public appearance.

Develop Presentation Style

The ultimate goal of the training is that each participant develops his/her specific way of presenting the idea and consciously chooses his level of excellence in that business segment


  • The message

  • The content

  • Structure, segmentation and presentation dynamics

  • Conscious choice of emotions

  • Modeling the presentation process

  • Creation and usage of stories and metaphors

  • Presentation as physical skill (body, voice, movement)

  • Stage control

  • The audience

  • Choice of organization of the room and adaptation to different organizations of the room

  • Attracting and retaining attention

  • Handling difficult questions from the audience

  • A new behavior generator to overcome stress or fear

Main benefits

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