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Communication 101: Negotiation Skills

by Mila Marceta

Languages: Bosnian, English, Croatian, Serbian

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

During my 28 years of international corporate career, as Manager, Director, and Executive, I’ve coached and trained generations of professionals, supporting their career goals and company goals, as well. In many situations, I was asked to start a new office or a new company or to lead a company through challenging after-acquisition period. Therefore, it was part of my job to coach the whole company.

Two years ago, I’ve decided to focus all my attention and ability on sharing my knowledge and experience with professionals and companies through coaching and training. I am MSc Math and Computer Science, ICI certified Coach, NLP practitioner, and Transaction Analysis, trainee.


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Communication 101: Negotiation Skills by Mila Marceta

About the training

#negotiation   #culturaldifferences   #compromise   #empoweringenvironment   #workenvironment

Training is intended for all employees to master the skills of negotiation by understanding the negotiation process and strategies for owning and navigating it and mastering spreading the influence. Training is an interactive workshop, which is performed in small groups of up to 15 participants over two days. Engaging in simulations improves participants’ motivation and retention of key concepts that have already been taught in lectures and discussions. Thus, training that combines simulations with more traditional classroom methods may maximize learning. With that in mind, on the first day participants get theoretical knowledge and guidance that they will be asked to use during the role-play simulation on the second day.

Learning outcomes

Empowering Environment

facilitate an empowering environment for the creation of confident, constructive and flexible negotiators

Effective Work Environment

Creating a supportive, efficient and effective work environment


  • Prep for the negotiation: Big Why, my underlined interests, what, how, goals

  • Understand counterpart’s motives, beliefs, interests, personal style

  • Prepare for the pitfalls

  • Own the process and navigate it to the desired outcome

  • Deal with cultural differences

  • Prepare for the questions you don’t want to answer

  • Compromise without defeat and feel good about it

  • Negotiation vs Mediation

  • Different strategies for different situations

  • Creation of second day’s simulation: participants are involved in the design of simulations

Main benefits

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