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Milica Paskulov

Languages: English, Serbian

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Training Category Levels
Emotional Intelligence HR, Leadership, Soft Skills Details
Time management/ prioritization training HR, Leadership, Soft Skills Details
Managing Conflict HR, Leadership, Soft Skills Details

Milica has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and has been studying Professional Master of Science for nonviolent strategic changes (Faculty for political science). She has a Certificate of Studies in Developmental Leadership and training skills, Högskolan för lärande och kommunikation i Jönköping.

She is Member of The Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations (TACSO) and OSCE Mission to Serbia pool of trainers. Milica holds a certificate supported by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Milica is a permanent associate of development center and Blanchard International Serbia as an HR consultant and trainer. She has more than 10 years of experience in consultant, training and coaching work. Before she was president of EDIT center (Education, Development, Information and Training Center). She is project manager, consultant, and trainer with more than ten years of experience on bilateral and multilateral funded programs throughout Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe working on national, regional and local planning and development, project development, and implementation. Specialist skills include project cycle management.

The major strength is a respectable track record in organizing and delivery of training events, workshops and seminars in the Balkan region, focusing on soft management, business and HR skills, as well as local community development, youth work, and peacebuilding. She has significant experience in delivering training for trainers.

Ken Blanchard’s International certified trainer of for programs: Situational Leadership II, Situational Team Leadership, Situational Leadership Experience, First Time Manager and Trust. In coaching, she uses an eclectic approach of the different coaching directions. She equally enjoys work during individual and team coaching. Besides training, workshops, and coaching, she works on the selection of the candidates and assessment. She has a rich experience as a project manager and consultant for project management. 

Specialized expertise in the development of human capacities and competences, by working with different types of clients - from large multinational companies to small local firms.

Main part of her job consists of individual, team and group coaching. She is especially proud of work with different teams (management-, HR-, training-, sales-, logistics-, production- and maintenance teams of different companies, etc.). She works with all types of management: executives and senior management but also with middle and line managers. In the field of consulting, she mostly works in the field of leadership and people development.

Milica is specialized for developing competences through training and mentoring - such as: strategic m., performance m., leadership, delegating, developing, career m., coaching and mentoring, inducting new employees, change m., presentation and public speaking, customer care, assertiveness, negotiation, influencing, chairing meetings, innovation and self-initiative, interviewing, conflict m, team building, planning and organizing, problem solving, motivating employees/self, , etc. She has big practice in training other trainers. One of her duties is assessments. She enjoys delivering team buildings for clients.

At this moment she has more than 200 hours of coaching, more than 1000 days of training and more than 60 companies in her portfolio.