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Constructive Feedback (Solution Focused Coaching, group session)

by Miljan Spasic

Languages: English, Croatian, Igbo, Serbian

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About the trainer:

Miljan Spasic is a professional trainer, coach, and consultant with extensive international experience acquired at various positions within human resources, sales, and marketing departments. Areas of his expertise cover creation, implementation, and innovation in people training and development, workshop facilitation and individual development.  During previous decade Miljan has led numerous recruitment and development programs in companies operating in the Western Balkan region in various fields (FMCG, IT, finance and banking, telecommunications, construction industry, the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, etc.).


Miljan is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduated at the Metropolitan University in Cardiff. He is a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Erikson International (ACPC).



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Constructive Feedback (Solution Focused Coaching, group session) by Miljan Spasic

About the training

#Feedback   #Delegation   #Assertiveness   #Empathy   #Coaching   #Performance Management   #Motivation   #Stimulation

All participants will be invited to prepare at least one specific situation that requires their feedback to the team members, either with a view to change a specific behavior or as a form of support and encouragement. Topic, Methodology, Objective, Solution-focused coaching approach Topics clarification: expectation, selection (“jukebox” approach) How to become (&stay) a respected manager? How to encourage people, praise, appreciation? “The bag” of managerial tools (delegation, feedback, assertiveness, empathy, coaching, direction, analyzing, planning, performance management, praise, motivation, stimulation) Clarifying expectations: What do you want to achieve at the end of the session? How might we achieve it? How will you know that you achieve it? How often should feedback be made? How much feedback should be formal? What is the link between feedbacks and motivation? Feedback as an opportunity for own development and development of others Key Learnings & Action plan - Participants record key learnings regarding giving and receiving feedback/plan situations where they will check the model / insure commitment (individual work) Participant and coach agree on the way of how the progress will be tracking (until the next session)


  • Part 1: Every participant present its case that demand feedback (prepared in advance)

  • Part 2: Participants vote which of proposed situations will be considered

  • Part 3: Sandwich Technique" no longer works Focus question - What do you consider as most important things in giving (or receiving) feedback at the situation you selected?

  • Part 4: Discussion, particular topics depends on particular direction: o Negative feedback (Stop behavior), phases o Positive feedback (Reinforce behavior), phases o Constructive feedback (Change behavior), phases o Words, body language, face expression

  • Part 5: Clarifying solution(s) regarding the right approach in particular case

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