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Engagement & Motivation (solution focused coaching, group session)

by Miljan Spasic

Languages: English, Croatian, Igbo, Serbian

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About the trainer:

Miljan Spasic is a professional trainer, coach, and consultant with extensive international experience acquired at various positions within human resources, sales, and marketing departments. Areas of his expertise cover creation, implementation, and innovation in people training and development, workshop facilitation and individual development.  During previous decade Miljan has led numerous recruitment and development programs in companies operating in the Western Balkan region in various fields (FMCG, IT, finance and banking, telecommunications, construction industry, the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, etc.).


Miljan is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduated at the Metropolitan University in Cardiff. He is a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Erikson International (ACPC).



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Engagement & Motivation (solution focused coaching, group session) by Miljan Spasic

About the training

#Influencing Skills   #Engagement at Workplace   #Motivation and Engagement   #Influencing Skills

Participant and coach agree on the way of how the progress will be tracked


  • Topic, Methodology, Objective, Solution focused coaching approach and experiental learning

  • Intro-exercise, experiential learning: Poetry

  • Solution-focused discussion: Factors that influence engagement (reason, autonomy, expertize), comfort zone

  • Motivation and engagement, theoretical approach

  • Exercise, experiential learning: Building the Bridge

  • Solution focused discussion: Factors that influence engagement based on own experience

  • Engagement at workplace

  • Focus question – What are the ways you use in order to engage team members? Internal and external factors that influence engagement at workplace

  • Role model – manager who influence and inspire

  • Influencing skills in business environment (source of influence)

  • Key Learnings & Action plan - Participants record key learnings regarding the topic and prepare a specific plan

Main benefits

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