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Managing and Leading

by Miljan Spasic

Languages: English, Croatian, Igbo, Serbian

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About the trainer:

Miljan Spasic is a professional trainer, coach, and consultant with extensive international experience acquired at various positions within human resources, sales, and marketing departments. Areas of his expertise cover creation, implementation, and innovation in people training and development, workshop facilitation and individual development.  During previous decade Miljan has led numerous recruitment and development programs in companies operating in the Western Balkan region in various fields (FMCG, IT, finance and banking, telecommunications, construction industry, the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, etc.).


Miljan is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduated at the Metropolitan University in Cardiff. He is a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Erikson International (ACPC).



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Managing and Leading by Miljan Spasic

About the training

#techniques and tools in communication   #successful communication   #leaderships   #team management   #developing potential   #motivation and empowerment

Managing and Leading Training answer on questions such as: How successful is my way of communicating with team members compared to others? What is my social sensitivity and how much does it help or spoil me in the communication process? Why do I communicate with some people more easily, and with others it's more difficult?

Learning outcomes

Successful Communication

identify the way of building trust as a basis for mutual respect and successful communication and management

techniques and tools in communication

get to know the different techniques and tools used in communication, management and development

In-depth understanding of the roles

clearly delineate the role of managers and leaders as well as the need to have appropriate competencies for both roles

Team Management

get to know how to gain credibility and self-confidence in team management

Motivation and Empowerment

knowledge of ways to empower teams and motivate employees

Developing Potential

identify personal dilemmas and motivational brains in the development of their potentials and start working on them


  • Management and leadership, The role of managers and leaders

  • Key competencies of Leaders and Managers

  • Situational management

  • Setting SMART objectives and prerequisites for achieving them

  • Delegation, feedback, training, coaching, analysis, planning

  • Delegation - advantages and disadvantages, tasks that are not delegated, tracking achievements

  • Positive, negative and constructive feedback - form, phase, motivational aspect

  • What is coaching is and what is not?

  • Coaching Conversation Structure

  • Group coaching and brainstorming

  • Motivation and stimulation - How do team members remain permanently motivated?

  • Motivating team members by looking at a wider image of pursuing a goal

  • Acquiring responsibilities and ownership of goals

  • Styles of influencing in managing and leading role - Authority, awards, discipline, expertise, information, reference power

  • Key Points and Individual Development Plan

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