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Leadership Performance - Action that Causes Transformation

by Navin Pillay

Languages: English

Price (from): €3,300 / day

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About the trainer:

Navin Pillay has spent the last 25 years working in corporations around the world in diverse fields and cultures from aerospace engineering to project leadership and training and consultancy. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the domain of training and facilitation specifically with themes dealing with mindfulness, change/transformation, and science of critical thinking.


Navin is also TOCICO certified & a `Jonah` – Expert in Theory of Constraints Critical Thinking Processes. He travels the world extensively conducting seminars and workshops and speaks regularly on topics individual/corporate transformation and breakthrough performance.


He is also the Chief Facilitator with Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning and founding partner of Holia GmbH, a consultancy based in Berlin, specializing with helping companies embrace integrated, holistic transformation. Navin is a highly engaging and energetic facilitator and his passion is working with people in diverse and challenging environments.




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Leadership Performance - Action that Causes Transformation by Navin Pillay

About the training

#Agile Action   #Peak Performance   #Leadership   #Embodied Leadership

Explore with Navin as he facilitates a customized one-day session that provides the atmosphere for leaders to explore the principle of embodiment and how leaders can hold themselves to take action that shapes breakthrough performance in their organizations and industries.Suitable for leaders in Agile, volatile and high-uncertainty environments. Ignite the unwavering inner drive, focus, passion and the capacity to take Action that Causes Transformation. Discover the resilient principles of leadership performance to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Customer Stories

"I highly recommend this workshop for any leader who is looking to understand what a true high-performer action means and to integrate this into one`s life. Navin, the facilitator has a special gift to see into people deeply and mirror you back to you. You will realize that your performance is nothing to do with your title but its about you flowering in whatever you choose to act. I left the workshop in a super high energy and with plenty of ideas for my start-up business. Thank you!"

Siiri Musten, Angel Investor & CEO of Elevus

Zurich, Swittzerland

Learning outcomes

Beyond Ego

Initiate the mindfulness to hold oneself from being impacted by the external to allowing the objective fact to be revealed.

The "YES" and "NO"

Learn what it takes to set a conscious trajectory while mitigating unconscious self-obstacles

The Declaration of the 'New'

Participate with the embodiment process in creating a new identity that reflects the new desired reality.

The Servant Leader

Embody the serving of excellence as the gift of meaning and purpose to those around you and beyond you.


  • Leadership Performance - Action that Causes Transformation

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