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Be the master of body language!

by Nora Biro

Languages: English, Hungarian

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About the trainer:

  • Nora Biro is a professional senior trainer. She has been working as a soft skills trainer for 12 years. She started her carrier in sales specialized in finance, then she got the opportunity to build up and manage a sales team of 50 members.

  • Nora is an experienced sales expert specializing in effective body language. As a trainer and speaker, she has helped hundreds of people increase their sales and income by 15-85% using experiential training.
    Nora's goal is to help you develop your skills and mindset to achieve your personal and business goals. Strong entrepreneur, professionally skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication.

    A few example projects include:

  • - Analyzing and developing body language and voice usage of YouTube videos of influencers  

  • - Helping a large insurance company increase sales and recruitment results through mentoring, training

  • - Supporting the leading financial company of Hungary increase sales and recruitment results through personal sales, recruiting, training

  • - Consulting to a franchise in the cosmetics services industry to grow in sales

  • - Revamping the training process of a leading furniture product manufacturer



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Be the master of body language! by Nora Biro

About the training

#effectivenegotiation   #sucessfulcommunication   #readingbodylanguage   #salesclosing   #buildingrapport   #liedetection

Mastering body language is the missing ingredient for many people (especially salespeople, leaders, etc.). Nonverbal communication can not only help you be more effective in business dealings, but it can also give an added edge above competitors. 93% of our communication is nonverbal. We think about what we are going to say, but we don't consider how we say something. Research shows how we say something is even more important than what we say. This training helps to discover the hidden details of our communication with the use of various tools, such as videos, photos, worksheets and other gamification tools. This course is made up of the 6 areas everyone who communicates needs and how body language can help you succeed.

Learning outcomes

Interpret clusters

Learn to interpret clusters of body language

Understand other people

Learn to understand other people’s non-verbal signals

Right first impression

Understand how to deal with handshakes & make the right first impression

Useful observations

Useful observations to be aware of & identify common gestures

Decision making

Know when a decision making gesture or barrier is being used

Proposal and lying

Recognise when someone is evaluating a proposal or lying


  • Building Rapport with body language signs

  • First Impression

  • Winning nonverbal techniques for self-confidence

  • Reading of body language (face, arms, legs, body gestures etc.)

  • Effective usage of body language clusters for successful negotiation

  • Lie Detection

Main benefits

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