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Developing Distinction, Leading with Distinction™

by Onyi Anyado

Languages: English

Price (from): €5,000 / day

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About the trainer:

I am a UK based global leadership speaker and workshop facilitator. 

From my message of Cutting Edge Distinction, I deliver talks and workshops around the world training and coaching governments, organizations and individuals on how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction in the global market which is now local.

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- Well being 
- Communication skills
- Motivational and inspirational development


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Developing Distinction, Leading with Distinction™ by Onyi Anyado

About the training

#organizational positioning   #creative leadership   #confidence   #productivity   #legacy minded   #cutting edge leadership

We are in the era of creative distinction and in a time of an unprecedented political, economic, social and technological shift and with the global market now local and the local market gone global, its imperative employees and managers are trained and coached on how to locate, leverage and lead with the organsations distinction that in turn brings a creative and competitive advantage.

Learning outcomes

Cutting Edge Leadership

Understanding the essence of cutting edge leadership; Understand how to use the 3 I’s of cutting edge leadership to increase productivity and performance

3 V’s

How to develop and create the 3 V’s of organizational branding; Understand how to implement the 3 V’s of the organizations brand to increase departmental and organizational positioning

3 C’s

How to develop and lead with the 3 C’s of creative leadership; The implementation of the 3 C’s of creative leadership so employees can increase in confidence, output and productivity

Legacy Minded

How to become legacy minded; How employees across the board can own the organization without actually owning, the organization


  • Module 1: Icebreaker

  • Module 2: What actually is cutting edge leadership?

  • Module 3: Developing and leading with your organisations brand.

  • Module 4: Creative Leadership

  • Module 5: What’s your legacy?

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