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Paul Boross

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I'm Paul Boross, The Pitch Doctor, and I can dramatically improve the quality and impact of your pitch so that you will:
Win more business from your competitors
Secure the investment you need
Gain commitment for your business proposals

How can I promise this? Because I have 25 years of working with clients such as BBC, Google, The Financial Times, Royal Bank of Scotland, MTV, ARM Holdings, Entertainment Master Class and many more. I've presented at countless International media festivals and business conferences, and I've even written three bestselling books about the art of pitching:

The Pitching Bible
The Pocket Pitching Bible
Pitch Up!

I've presented TV programs, including 'Speed Up, Slow Down' for the BBC and ‘School of Hard Knocks for Sky which is now in its ninth series.
Often, I help media executives develop new ideas and formats and pitch them to producers as I also have a great deal of experience in the media world, having been in two chart-topping music groups and even performing on stage at the Comedy Store for 12 years. Those of you with very good memories will recognize me as half of The Calypso Twins along with Ainsley Harriott. People used to say we didn't look like twins, but I think it was just because, in those days, he used to wear platform heels.

I work with many high profile business leaders, sports stars, politicians, and celebrities who need to deliver big messages at conferences, to boards, and to the media, using my background in motivational psychology and performance to coach them so that their message is clear, concise and charismatic.

Now, you can either spend a few more minutes reading through my reviews, testimonials, and experience, or you can simply get in touch and ask me a question. Easy!

Specialties: Pitching Skills, Pitch Doctoring, Advanced Business Training and Coaching in NLP, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Media, Leadership, Communication, Negotiation, Persuasion, and Influence.