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Understanding Hedge Funds (2 Days)

by Paul Meadows

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,636 / day

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About the trainer:

Paul started his Investment Management career at Royal Insurance in 1983. Following successful completion of the Society of Investment Analysts Associateship, Paul joined the small team managing Royal’s in-house long term UK Equity portfolios.

In 1990, following the lifting of exchange controls in Stockholm, he joined the Swedish insurer Trygg-Hansa’s London start-up operation to manage its UK Equity exposure.

In 1994 Paul moved into the Private Client arena, as part of the Investment Unit of Lloyds Private Banking & over a two year period diversified away from an exclusive analytical/Fund Management role to incorporate an extensive presentational package on the Bank’s investment strategy delivered ‘on the road’ to its network of offices around the country.

In 1996 Paul took the opportunity offered by the Bermuda-domiciled Bank of Butterfield to head up the global Equity research effort in London in support of the Bank’s (offshore) private client base. While his freelance financial training commitments grew, Paul had a spell with an international high-risk security company analyzing the operations of quoted oil & mining corporates worldwide.

In 2000 Paul moved into full-time training with DC Gardner, the in-house tailored training arm of Euromoney Institutional Investor, specializing in Fund Management, Equity Markets, Private Banking & Hedge Funds.

In 2004 he set up his own company, Chadley House Training Limited, structured to work with existing training providers in the market place. The business has grown & diversified the Client base, establishing fresh local relationships with providers in Asia, the Middle East & West Africa.

Clients trained include Citigroup, Man Investments, Axa Investment Managers, Barclays Global Investors, Brevan Howard, Hoare & Co, Renaissance Capital, Nigerian Stock Exchange, Kuwait Investment Authority, Bank of China, Huarong Securities. Paul is also a member of the London Stock Exchange Academy Training Team & an Adjunct Teaching Fellow with the UCL School of Management, delivering a one-term Masters level Investment Management module at their newly established location in Canary Wharf.


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Understanding Hedge Funds (2 Days) by Paul Meadows

About the training

#Margin calculations underlying Short Selling   #How Leverage translates into Market exposure   #Performance Fees   #Directional & non-Directional Trading Strategies

The (relatively small) Hedge Fund community has the dubious honor of attracting disproportionately high levels of publicity in the financial & political press. In the wake of the financial crisis, the Regulatory rules are being rewritten, despite this group not being identified as at the root of the problem.

This can partly be explained by an ongoing lack of understanding of what the Managers are actually doing on behalf of their investors. This course is designed to demystify the industry & break down some of the barriers which to date have appeared impenetrable to outsiders

While all Hedge Fund Managers’ objective has always remained the same – to deliver a positive return in all market environments – the range of strategies pursued to deliver this is vast, ranging across the full suite of available Financial instruments. Some are what are termed ’Directional’, some ‘non-Directional’; some use leverage, some do not; some use Derivatives, some do not. All will be explained on Day Two

Learning objectives

  • Understand Lock-ups, Gates, Hurdle Rates, Side Pockets, Drawdown
  • Understand the mechanics of Leverage & Short Selling.
  • Appreciate the significance of the Funds’ External Relationships - Prime Brokerage, Custodians, Fund Administrators
  • Understand why Hedge Funds fail
  • Evaluate the tools for the Analysis of Financial Risk – From VaR to Stress Testing
  • Appreciate the full range of Trading strategies pursued by Hedge Fund Managers today

Learning outcomes

Find the Answers

An answer to….If they are not ‘Hedged’ why are they called Hedge Funds?

Increase Understanding

An introduction to the world of Charting & automated Trading; Understanding which Strategies trade which underlying Asset Class; Understand what Investors are looking for exactly

Type of Investors

Appreciate what type of Investors Hedge Funds are looking for


  • Day One:

  • Introducing the Hedge Fund Universe

  • Introduction

  • Hedge Fund Trading Tactics & Counter-Party Relationships

  • Issues for Hedge Fund Investors

  • Risk Management for Hedge Funds

  • Day Two:

  • Understanding the range of Hedge Fund Strategies

  • The most popular strategy - Long-Short Equity

  • Hedge Fund Investment Styles - Directional

  • Hedge Fund Investment Styles – Non-Directional

  • Funds of Hedge Funds

Main benefits

  • #Wide collection of the biggest experts
  • #Filters for all kinds of needs
  • #User friendly platform
  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency