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Me as an effective presenter

by Paula Gil Navarro

Languages: English, Spanish

Price (from): €40 / day

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About the trainer:

My name is Paula Gil Navarro and I am passionate about helping people maximize their potential and interpersonal skills. I believe that sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask the right questions to help you reach your potential. I focus on topics related to communication skills, teamwork and management. 

After many years of working in HR at Google, I have moved to work in a startup focused in Artificial Intelligence. I have learned a great deal on how the tech world works, from a tech giant to an early-stage startup, what makes someone thrive or suffer in that environment and what tools are available to each one of us to make this professional journey more entertaining and less stressful. 

My training sessions are mainly focused on experiential learning. This method reinforces learning with realistic scenarios that allow for easy transfer of knowledge and skills back to the participant's daily job context.It provides participants with a safe environment in which to practice and develop skills, as well as can get participants "in the grip" of a real situation and thus allow them to reflect on their reactions and performance.


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Me as an effective presenter by Paula Gil Navarro

About the training

#Presentation skills   #Charisma

This course is designed to help learners improve their presentation skills, specifically focused on them as presenters. Using a workshop approach, this course combines insights from the academia with time for learners to practice applying the tips and concepts covered. Participants will walk away from this interactive session with several immediate ideas that they can apply in their next presentation.

Learning outcomes


Build credibility and strong relationships with your audience

Flexibility and adaptability

Create positive energy from challenges and difficult behaviors

Effective presenter

Manage yourself as a presenter, including tips for improving presence and managing anxiety


  • Why is presenting so hard sometimes?

  • What are the key elements of a good presentation?

  • Is charisma something that can be developed? How assertiveness can help us be better presenters Work on you as a presenter

  • How assertiveness can help us be better presenters

  • Work on you as a presenter

Main benefits

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