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Incident Management using MIMS

by Philip West

Languages: English

Price (from): €2,500 / day

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About the trainer:

Philip developed a unique experience as a trainer with expertise in crisis management as well as major incident and event command during his career as a Police Inspector in England. He retired from the role in 2010. During this time he commanded at major events like the G8 conference in Scotland, international football matches in Wales, Glastonbury Music Festival in England as well as numerous spontaneous critical incidents. During this time he acquired professional training qualifications and in 2010 became one of the first in the country to gain his ATLS (Associate Teacher Learning & Skills) status with The Institute of Learning. This was presented at The Houses of Parliament, where he made a speech in response to one from The Minister for Further Education. Philip has combined his subject specialism and teacher status to deliver professional courses and facilitate exercises at the gold level for The Police Improvement Agency. He has also written and delivered a number of 'hydra' simulated exercises as well as live multi-police force and agency exercises. A member of The Business Continuity Institute, The Society for Education and Training and The Emergency Planning Society he has now set up Continuity West in order to offer his knowledge and skills in crisis management, organizational resilience, and training to a wider audience. As chair of The Bath Beat, he works with a small group of like-minded walking enthusiasts who organize a long-distance walking and running event in Bath every April for charity. Philip has had an incident management system called MIMS developed for Schools, public sector and SME's. Specialties: Training, Tabletop + simulated and live exercise writing and facilitating, Course writing and facilitating, Crisis management, Crisis decision making, and logging, Post-incident de-briefing, BCM consultancy.


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Incident Management using MIMS by Philip West

About the training

#Incident Management   #MIMS

  • Recall the definition of an incident
  • Name the various situations that would constitute an incident
  • Demonstrate how an incident can irreversibly damage a business
  • Contrast the methods of dealing with an incident from paper to electronic
  • Define the three levels and what each one does
  • Relate the roles to those of the emergency responders
  • Label actions for each command role
  • Name the various types of Bronze
  • Contrast what each would do given a simple situation


  • Relate the decision-making circle to everyday decisions
  • Explain some of the choices available and how to rationalize the final choice
  • Identify how a decision is logged
  • Explain how logging protects against post-incident litigation
  • Define the needs of mainstream media
  • Show how to put a media release together
  • Relate a media release to a media interview
  • Demonstrate how to give a media interview
  • Explain today's social media interventions
  • Compare the press release with how to interact with negative social media comments


  • Show the advantages of using an incident management system over paper
  • Demonstrate the use of a simple incident management system
  • Show how to deal with an incident
  • Demonstrate how to deal with the media during an incident
  • Experiment with different approaches to problems
  • Identify how an incident can be dealt with  easily using an incident management system
  • Interpret how each member contributed to dealing with the incident
  • Identify any ways it could have been done better
  • Examine how well the media were handled
  • Examine how logging would protect against litigation
  • Conclude on paper versus an incident management system


  • Understanding what is a damaging incident and its effects on a business

  • Command structure

  • Decision making

  • Media input

  • Exercise

  • De-brief

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