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Philipp Effenberger

Languages: German, English

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NLP Skills for Influence, Persuasion and Effective Communication Leadership, Soft Skills, Other beginner

Philipp gathered these skills as a former IT specialist and HR generalist for over 14 years and now trains future prospects in such skills. 

While co-leading the international finance division of an NGO, he discovered his passion for training and coaching in 2010. Extending his professional work areas, he became a trainer for communication and NLP coach.

Currently, Philipp uses his experience to develop hands-on communication strategies for PR, HR and pitching ideas to a potential investor. He believes true potential can be coached and, streamlined accordingly, built for success.

So far, Philipp has worked with over 2,200 people as a mentor, coach or trainer. He speaks English, Polish and German and advises start-ups in all fields.