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NLP Skills for Influence, Persuasion and Effective Communication

by Philipp Effenberger

Languages: German, English, Polish

Price (from): €4,098 / day

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About the trainer:

True potential is lost far too often – but it can be uncovered, by training or coaching. I train and coach C-suite executives and leaders on their way to sustainable excellence.


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NLP Skills for Influence, Persuasion and Effective Communication by Philipp Effenberger

About the training

#NLP   #Influence   #Persuasion   #Effective Communication

The psychology of communication is fundamental to business success. Psychological communication is about understanding the thinking structures and behavioral patterns of the people you interact with. NLP communication goes way beyond the language of persuasion; it teaches you how to package your words with non-verbal influencers such as tonality, a body language to embed the message deep in the unconscious mind.

In this module you will learn NLP models to enhance all aspects of business communication from motivating teams, connecting deeply with individuals, to daily interactions in person and on the telephone. The module will also focus on written communication to invigorate email text and build creative and attractive writing style to enhance sales and advertising copy.

Learning outcomes


Learn a set of powerful tools to ensure people within the organization are performing at their very best.


Directors, entrepreneurs, salespeople, managers and marketing professionals will learn and practice how to use NLP for business and personal excellence.


At this course, participants will learn how to apply NLP across various business contexts.


Business today is full of challenges with companies competing for a market share that is shrinking in some sectors, the tools of NLP provide business people with a real edge to exploit their competitive advantage.


  • Rapid and deep rapport building techniques so you can build sustainable rapport with anyone quickly

  • How to gain agreement even in highly conflicting scenarios

  • How to recognise different communication styles and to be able to use language for optimal influence within the different styles

  • To be able to read body language and make highly refined responses out of conscious awareness of the other person

  • How to use specific questioning to get to the roots of vague communication otherwise known as breaking the bullshit

  • Recognising and utilising the power of tonality in telephone and face to face communication

  • How to use a hypnotic language structure for ultimate influence

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