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Pina Sabatino

Languages: English, Italian

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INTERCULTURAL SKILLS FOR GLOBAL MANAGER Leadership, Soft Skills, Other beginner

♦️BACKGROUND♦️ Prior to my training and coaching career, I have gained a long experience as a Human Resources Manager for different corporate companies. Over the past years, I trained across different cultures and countries (Europe, USA, Japan) always driven by curiosity and love for diversity. ♦️WHAT I DO ♦️ I currently work with organizations in Italy and abroad to maximize human potential delivering: -training, - coaching - HR consulting services (recruiting & selection, HR evaluation ) Also, I’m a speaker on HR issues, Personal Development, Women Empowerment and Intercultural Communication and a Lecturer of Human Resources Management at different Business Schools and Universities. I love working with individuals, groups, and teams to cross their edges, discover their full potential, free themselves from self-limiting beliefs: that’s what I deliver in my soft skill training. In the last years, I focused on developing intercultural competences in the workplace: I love to help people work effectively across cultures, be that in international teams, on expatriate assignments or in multicultural communities. As an independent contractor, I work internationally with individuals, business, training & coaching firms ?‍? HOW I WORK ?‍? I work globally in English and Italian and deliver my programs in person, via video-conference and online. ?MY TOOLS ? Business Model You® Business Models for Teams TIP The International Profile ? MY SPECIALITIES ? #CareerCoaching #Performance Coaching #GroupCoaching #TeamCoaching #Diversity #Outplacement #Expat Coaching #CareerStrategist #ExecutiveCoaching #FemaleLeadership #SoftSkillDevelopment #InterculturalCommunication #LeadershipDevelopment