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Racec Emil

Languages: English, Romanian

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Innovation and technology enthusiast, interested in the startup scene. Passionate about teaching programming and working with talented people towards entering Software Development industry. I. Machine Learning Applying Machine Learning, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence Models in real world scenarios, pushing the very limits towards achieving astonishing, sometimes unbelievable results and statistics represent my top motivations for the field. Among the top achievements so far: a MS Degree in Artificial Intelligence (9.51), research projects in ML with Bitdefender and InteriorVista, First Place in a ML Hackaton by Sparktech. II. Teaching Besides my working field, I share a lot of passion and sheer excitement for teaching and working with talented people towards achieving their goals in computer science field. I truly think education is the only, most important key to a better world. As a result, for the last 4+ years I've been an Associate Teaching Assistant, thus working with top students from UPB, Computer Science Faculty. Implying great communication, mentoring, collaboration and motivation, I believe there is no higher achievement known to human kind than the power to help others succeed!