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Finance for Non-Finance Leaders: Managing Value Creation

by Raheen Sacranie

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About the trainer:

Raheen Sacranie is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), in the UK. Following a stint with KPMG in London, where he was involved in well over a hundred operational investigations and audits, he has worked as a financial and technology consultant, coach and trainer in over 700 companies across the world. His experience straddles all industries, in the commercial and the public sectors, and a career that spans over 25 years. He specializes in helping organizations address the knowledge gap between operations and finance, particularly in identifying and delivering customized consultancy and training solutions aimed at enhancing operational working practices, financial management, financial analysis, corporate governance, process re-engineering, project management, regulatory compliance, audit investigations, business writing & communications, IT collaboration tools, coaching/mentoring and other skill sets in line with competency frameworks and corporate objectives. He has managed and delivered several initiatives in these areas. He is also a keynote speaker at several industry conferences, including the GPCA Innovation Workshop and OSHRM HR Symposium.


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Finance for Non-Finance Leaders: Managing Value Creation by Raheen Sacranie

About the training

#Managing Financial Value Creation

All too often, the performance of senior executive leaders is measured by how effectively they manage financial and operational resources. However, to succeed as a non-financial leader, knowledge of key financial principles and processes is critical. Finance is the very back-bone of value creation. Success or failure of an organization hinges on the understanding and management of finance.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the analytical, investigative and decision-making skills relevant to Senior Non-Finance Executive Leaders.

Participants will learn how financial techniques can help improve management performance, make strong strategic decisions, increase potential profits, assess the financial performance of business activities, and enhance shareholder value.

Learning outcomes

Areas Covered

Course Agenda: The course is structured around, and focused on, understanding how companies can maintain a competitive edge by making effective and optimal investment decisions. Each module is underpinned by workshop-based, real-world case studies. The overall approach is geared towards facilitating and divulging information and skills relevant to the practical needs of the attendees, and includes the following topics:  Determine how to select projects and capital investments using the following methods: Payback Period; Return on Investment; Discounted Cash Flow; Net Present Value; Internal Rate of Return; Expected Monetary Value  Impact of cash flow on business decisions: Return on capital employed using cash generated from operations; Cash generated from operations versus debt; Predicting a cash flow crisis  Performance ratios: Return on Capital; Capital Turnover; Working Capital; Current Ratios; Debtors Ratio; Liquidity; Efficiency; Risk evaluation  Business valuation methods and investor analysis ratios: EPS, P/E Gearing/Leverage; Business Trends  Costing approaches: Fixed & variable costs; Absorption and marginal costing; Determine costs in different types of industries; Product, Process & Job costing; Compare and contrast costing methods


  • Managing Financial Value Creation

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