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The Heart of the Close

by Raju Mandhyan

Languages: English, Hindi, Tagalog

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Author of five books on Communications and Leadership, Cross-Cultural Coach and Learning Facilitator Raju Mandhyan has 20 years of experience in personal and organizational development. He has coached thousands of executives, delivered keynotes for hundreds of conferences across the APAC region.


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The Heart of the Close by Raju Mandhyan

About the training

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Gone are the days when salespeople had to be snappy looking, fast-talking, and bag-toting musketeers. Gone are the days when mere product knowledge, industry experience, terrain familiarity, and the right connections could assure you a sale.
Today, the selling profession has transcended its former negative image of a racket run by fast-talking, glib-tongued characters. Today selling is a relationship, a collaborative dance where who is leading who is not easily discerned. Selling today is a journey of equals whose destination is value creation. It is a destination that is constantly moving. It is a progressive goal into a far off future.
In this neuroscience-inspired, highly interactive workshop you will learn how to influence your client’s perception of cost, value, and benefits. You will also learn how to be a suave and a subtle negotiator who always plays a win-win.

Workshop Methodology:
All concepts will be preceded by interactive, planned activities like role-plays, improv games or demonstrations followed by interactive facilitation. Final learning is consolidated and reinforced through small group activities. All the modules will be 35% Dyad Activities, 35% Small Group Work and 30% Interactive Lectures.

Learning outcomes

The Heart of the Close

Convert cold leads into warm prospects easily; Build rapport and trust effectively and efficiently; Understand and use fruitfully the dynamics behind interactions


Ask powerful questions that evoke empowering responses; Discern accurately between needs and wants of both sides; Influence the customer’s perception about your costs, benefits, and value


Build confidence skills and maintain mastery over negotiations; Navigate Negotiations as win-win for both sides; Convert prospects into long-time customers over shorter spans of time


  • Two Ultimate Truths about Life:

  • Intention is the Driver

  • Only Action is Measurable

  • Five Fundamentals of all Successful Interactions:

  • Clear Purpose and Objectives

  • Enhanced Awareness and Sensory Acuity:

  • Finding Quiet Ground

  • Managing Perceptual Positions

  • The I’s of Mindful Listening

  • Recognition and Respect for Diversity and Change

  • Eagerness and Ability to Learn and Innovate:

  • The 5R Questioning Toolbox

  • Ultimate Trust in Action and its Measurability

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