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Ritchie Pettauer

Languages: German, English

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Mastering LinkedIn: Brand Building, Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Social Selling Sales, Marketing intermediate

I am an online marketing expert, an associate lecturer at the University of Vienna and a blogger based Austria. I am passionate about the evolution of digital media. My consulting company pnc, founded in 2002, helps my clients embrace the power of cutting edge online marketing tactics. Digitalization changes the very DNA of every business - let me help you master these changes with ease. Also, I teach new media at the Department of Science of the Communication / University of Vienna which was in 2019 voted the second best communication department in Europe by Shanghai University list.

In 2006 I started which has since then become one of the most popular German weblogs on digital marketing. I am a member of needle's advisory board, general secretary of the Austrian Internet Council and keynote speaker at online marketing conferences.