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Job Evaluation and Grades

by Robert Mosley

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Robert Mosley is widely recognized in many industries and many countries as one of the leading
global experts on compensation and benefits, and is also a leading expert in the more
the general field of human resources and performance management. His main areas of expertise and
specialism is in the fields of job analysis, job descriptions, job evaluation, grading schemes, pay
structures, allowances, bonuses and incentives, industrial relations and collective agreements, e-HR
systems, performance management, performance appraisals, and all issues on compensation and
benefits globally, especially in Europe and the GCC and Asia having worked in these regions for
over 30 years.

Robert has over 30 years of experience in HR and C&B, and he developed a detailed interest in
compensation and benefits when he was employed by Hay Group (Hay Management Consultants)
in the UK and UAE from 1985-1990, during which time he became a recognized expert on HR
issues in several industries, and did HR consulting work in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia,
mainly in the areas of compensation and total rewards. On leaving Hay Group, he joined Emirates
Group and Emirates Airline based in Dubai where he worked for 13 years from 1990-2003 and he
was promoted to SVP Human Resources with over 22,000 employees in 60 countries. At all times,
Robert kept a detailed hands-on role on all remuneration policies globally, and on all general HR
policies and procedures. In 2003, Robert left Emirates Group to establish his own consulting
business focusing on HR and C&B called Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, and over the past six years, he has developed a very successful specialist consulting practice with over 200 clients. His two main
areas of specialism are working with clients in Europe and the Middle East regions and in the
global aviation industry.

Robert was awarded the “Global Human Resources Leadership Award” in February 2017 by the
“World HR Congress” to recognize his global “guru” status and his iconic work in the field of compensation.


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Job Evaluation and Grades by Robert Mosley

About the training

#needs and drive employee performance   #organisation effectiveness   #understanding job evaluation   #developing job evaluation   #developing grade Structures

A fundamental component of reward management and HR is a grade and salary structure, and these are often taken for granted. Rather than make changes, HR and reward professionals try to fit the ever-changing needs of their employees into a grading system that may not have been reviewed for many years. In an increasingly competitive environment, when you want to attract and retain the best individual employees and high-performers, having an effective and fair job evaluation and grading system is crucial to underpin best-practice reward policies and deliver pay-for-performance.

Learning outcomes

Increase business performance and employee effectiveness

Develop a clear job grading structure that correctly values the responsibilities and contributions of each job to determine the correct grade for each job in your organization.

Master job evaluation

Understand the different approaches and systems and tools for job evaluation in order to determine how to place a job into the correct grade in your grading and pay structures.

Aligned organizational and human resource strategy

Align your grade structures to your organisational objectives and human resources strategy.

Develop job evaluation and a grading system

Discover practical steps for implementing a job evaluation system, and developing a grading system to underpin your salary structures and remuneration policies.

Master power of the network

Network with your fellow course delegates and course tutor to discuss practical issues related to job evaluation and grade structures that will help you in your workplace.


  • The Role of Job Evaluation

  • Commonly Used Best-Practice Proprietary Systems of Job Evaluation in Europe

  • Determining Grades and Overall Grading Structure

  • Implementing a New Job Evaluation System and Grading Structures

  • Managing and Maintaining Grading Structures

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